“L” Channel System Fixing

"L" Profilli Bağlantı
"L" Profilli Bağlantı
Installation Types – “L” Channel System Fixing

  • L Anchors, the main load of the bearing system, should be connected to the concrete elements of the building with Steel Anchhors.
  • Before the installation of the L Anchor, the insulation material should be cut to the size of the “L Anchor”.
  • After installing L Anchors, Channels must be replaced according to the dimension of the stone and the installation type. Hexagon Head Bolts must be used during the installation process of the Channels to the L Anchors.
  • L Channels are fixed to U Profiles with Hexagon Head Bolts.
  • After L Channel installation is completed, due to the vertical grid format, the assembly of the stone is completed with Anchors and Adjustable Arms.