Anchor Rods and Tightner Bars

Ankraj & Ankraj Saplamaları

  • Having a capacity of high strength tensile, resistance to heat; anchor roads and tightner bars are mostly used in steel construction, hard concrete, machinery industry, viaduct, bridge and road construction.
  • Provides both the concrete and steel to be clamped to the concrete easily and safely.
  • Produced in different shapes and sizes.
  • Anchor Rods are produced in the sizes mentioned bellow in SAE 1010 – 1020 – 1040 – 4140 – 5140 – ST 37 – ST 42 – ST 52; AISI 316 Stainless Steel (INOX).
  • Space Sizes, Thread Lenghts and other dimensions can also be produced as requested.
  • The diameter of the material is produced according to DIN 34828 , however upon request it also can be produced relative to DIN 525.
  • Available in Lengths from 20 cm up to 12 meters.

Ankraj & Ankraj Saplamaları